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Made in France: 

Promoting French culture and French know-how are for us objectives that seem natural. Few people have pushed the mastery of disciplines such as art, luxury or literature as much as the French people. Heirs of a rich and plural culture, it was our duty to continue to promote these ways of thinking that inspired the founding concepts of our company. Thus, each of our collections bears as its title a quotation or expression from a French work. At the same time, most of our materials and all of our know-how are of French origin, because in contact with the best French craftsmen, our creations are subject to one of the strictest quality controls at each stage of production, thus promoting Made in France quality on an international scale.  

Environmental impact : 

All of our smooth or grained leathers are subject to the REACH standard. The latter is a European standard set up to limit the environmental impact of production while preserving human health as much as possible, but also to encourage the emergence of new material testing processes to reduce the number of tests on animals. In concrete terms, this means that our leathers are treated in such a way that their manufacture and use in no way pose a threat to the individual who handles them or to the environment. 

But we are also looking for raw materials from the short-distance circuits on our territory. This is why we have chosen to develop a range of products made partly with fish leather. We have selected a small company in the Arcachon basin which has not only brought a technique dating back to the Middle Ages up to date, but which also practises upcycling by treating hides from the maritime food-processing world of the same region. The hides formerly discarded by fishmongers are entirely transformed into leather by means of a 100% vegetable tanning process based on mimosa or gallnut tannins.

Fight against counterfeiting :

Counterfeiting is a real scourge for the world of luxury and art, a scourge that is becoming more and more common and easy to achieve. In order to preserve the unique and innovative characteristics of our objects of emotion, we have decided to adopt the Prooftag solution, a service that allows us to authenticate our creations. This service consists of affixing a seal on our creations which contains the information constituting the identity of each of our creations.

This seal constitutes a double security since it is composed of a code of numbers and letters and a bubble code. The first code authorizes access to a database in which will be present the bubble codes that have been attributed to each of our creations, allowing you to compare the data and verify the authenticity of your product. You can also speed up the process by scanning a QR code present on the seal from your smartphone.

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