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About us

Our company


BOW&Co's offer is based on a base of values from which each of our creations is the emanation: 

QUALITY as a matter of course, that of the designers we support, that of the shapes, materials and chromatic harmonies of our creations, but above all the quality of the relationship that links the house of BOW&Co to its audience.

INNOVATION as a state of mind, this desire that drives us to reinvent the object to sublimate its function through the permanent search for elegance combined with simplicity. A sense of innovation that also underpins the collaborative creative process developed with our artists.  

Plural EMOTIONS as a promise, a whole range of positive feelings that come from the contact and appropriation of our creations, from astonishment to joy through attraction and desire.

Our team

A company's first asset is its human capital. 

Constituted as a collaborative platform, BOW&Co pools the skills essential to its development: design, graphics, photography, communication, marketing and sales.

OUR MASTER WAYS: craftsmen of the good know-how

True to its collaborative spirit, our company has developed a network of supplier-partners who share the same ambition for excellence. Much more than mere service providers, these craftsmen are the companions of our beautiful adventure. It is in contact with the best French craftsmen and benefiting from their expertise that we have developed our creations and brought them to life, seeking the ideal balance between respect for technical constraints and the demand for optimal quality.

Their know-how deserved an admiring and grateful spotlight.



A company located in Anjou, Mr Chatillon gives himself up to BOW&Co.

B&Co: What is your background and how long has your company existed?

La Compagnie du cuir: I have had an atypical career. It began in the industrialization of clay tiles and bricks, and continued in mass distribution where I managed different sectors for a supermarket. All this to end up as the manager of a leather goods processing company.

Our company is now 25 years old, with a know-how that has embraced the evolution and development of luxury goods. Thus we have been working for major luxury houses for 15 years.

B&Co: What are the qualities and skills required in your activity?

La Compagnie du cuir: You have to be sensitive to details, to all the details and be very demanding. You also have to be able to marry the sensitivity of the client and what he is trying to translate into his product, as well as the history of the product.

B&Co: How does your know-how express itself and what are your particularities?

La Compagnie du cuir: It's a bit the renewed confidence of our customers for their classic models and collections that underlines our know-how. Our particularity is to manufacture essentially luxury products for ladies without being imprisoned in an exclusive manufacturing technique. We can use and mount parts in leather or coated canvas, mount in plain edges or in reverse quilting, use different materials with the requirement of luxury. This allowed us to have a certain transversality and thus to stick as much as possible to the customer's wishes.

B&Co: According to what criteria do you choose your customers?

La Compagnie du cuir: According to the relevance of the project for new clients; both aesthetic and economic... Something that must translate a message to be said or passed on, takes on an aesthetic dimension.

B&Co: What attracted or interested you at BOW&Co.?

La Compagnie du cuir : A modern approach like some references on the market (coated canvas and leather), the geometrical shapes that will not be copied, reproduced, this strong pattern.

B&Co : What is your view on the creations of this house?

La Compagnie du cuir: The business bag, the handbag, the handbag ... It is the way the company brings leather to life on their creations, it does not take refuge in the trivial, we see leather as an ennoblement and so it takes on an aesthetic dimension. 

B&Co: An anecdote or a striking memory in the exercise of your profession?

La Compagnie du cuir : A bag we made for a designer who makes bags where imagination rhymes with seduction. One day she had us make a series. This bag was chosen by the Élysée Palace to offer it to Michelle Obama for the anniversary of the Normandy landings.